Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Insta recap

1. Hat day! I just love a simple black hat. 2. Picking out my essentials for my holiday at Gran Canaria.   3. Watermelon at the beach in Gran Canaria, i don't need more. 4. The view from the room, ah i'm so longing to go back by looking at this pictures <3

1. My main activity: sunbathing at the pool. Loved the view so much: the pool, the sea and some beautiful palmtrees. 2. My holiday uniform :) 3. While i was back in Belgium i discovered a cos store under construction just i few minutes from where i live, owyes! 4. Saw myself hanging in a store with a recent campaign i did for Mano, it's something that will always feel weird!

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  1. How awesome that you could see yourself in a store like that! Looks like a great holiday <3

    Pretty in Python