Wednesday, January 29, 2014


 1. Wearing my new earring from Asos. I really love the design! 2. I really have the urge to travel lately. NY is on top of my list! 3. How awesome is this shot? :) 4. Ready for a party with friends!

1. Some of my favourite items at the moment: essentiel bag, msgm pants, zara shoes and my brandnew Red Valentino coat. I'm so happy with it, soon an outfitpost with this beauty :) 2. The princess of the house sunbathing. 3. Crazy hair and make-up for a shoot. 4. The after-shoot look! I spent ages removing all bobby-pins from my hair. Alot of hairspray was used at the shoot, so my hair looked like a little fuzzball afterwards.

Instagram: @thefashionloonatic

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Prada campaign SS14

Prada makes the best campaigns if you ask me. I love this one as well, it's fun, colorfull and happy! The arty SS14 collection featured in this video is also one of my favourite collections from this season, what do you think?

Monday, January 27, 2014

The bob

Karlie Kloss

Chanel SS14


 My old long hair and my fresh chop :)

The short cut has made a big intrance in fashionland. It's a great refrechment from the long, big and perfect wavey hairstyles. When long has to be perfect, short has to be the messier the better. Models like Karlie Kloss and Amanda Harlech are all part of this short story. On top of that, Karl Lagerfelt made his models wear a bob wig during the SS14 show. I'm also guilty for going to the bob-side. Some months ago i made the decision and im much more carefree now when it comes to my hair. I absolutely have no regrets!

Friday, January 24, 2014


 Time for a simple outfit! That kind of outfit you throw on when you dont have enough time/ dont want to think to much about combinations. No-brain outfits. Thats what i like to call them :) In this case the timeless combination of jeans and black. Good for every occasion. I added a scarft for not making it to plain. This scarf was a christmas present from my dad. I immediately asked if mom had helped with his choice, but apperantly he did it all by himself. I was pleasantly surprised! :) Happy weekend guys! 

- Pants & sweater: H&M
- Bag & shoes: Zara
- Coat: Massimo Dutti

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hottest arrivals

Spring has sprung in the online fashionstores! It's so refreshing to see the light, pastel and happy colors while scrolling down the new arrivals. I've selected my favorite items for you that would be my perfect spring-wardrobe update :) Happy shopping!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Fashion x Art

Céline SS14 advertorial

Chanel SS14 collection

Prada SS14 collection

Art has been a big source of inspiration for three big designers: Karl Lagerfeld, Phoebe Philo and Miuccia Prada. This inspiration translates itself into the most colorfull collections on the catwalks of Chanel, Céline and Prada. The models (who are walking pieces of art if you ask me) are wearing clothing that includes powerfull paint strokes, pop-art prints and bold colors. Definitely collections for people who aren't afraid to wear some color!

Thursday, January 16, 2014


Happyyy :)

I have one more (late) fashion resolution for 2014: wearing more hats! I have a couple of them but i rarely wear them. The main reason for that is because i always forget them (sorry hats!). So i will make them more visible in my closet. It can give an outfit a total upgrade if you ask me. At first, i had this outfit in mind without the black blazer. I always picture the weather warmer than it is, so i had to change my mind and throw my beloved black blazer on. Are there more people who ALWAYS dress to light? It has happened alot of times to me when i regretted myself not to put on a thicker sweater. I really have to keep that in mind. Another belated fashion resolution maybe?

- Shirt & shorts: Tommy Hilfiger
- Blazer & hat: h&m
- Shoes: Zara

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tune of the moment

In this new concept i will share my 'tunes of the moment' with you. I think we all have a particular song we keep playing on repeat for a moment. Well this is such a song for me. I will warn you that it is super catchy. Go and check their other songs if you like this one! Find it here.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Editorial love: Harper's bazaar Brazil Murakami's monsters

How awesome is this editorial? I really love an edit with a fun unusual twist, which this pictures absolutely have! Pastel clothes and fuzzy creatures are a good match if you ask me :) Chilling with cute monsters, an ice cream and perfect weather: i wouldn't say no.

Pictures: Jason Schmidt for Harper's Bazaar Brazil december 2013

Friday, January 10, 2014

Budget tip

Navy is still going strong as a fashion color this season. You'll be definitely in trend with this little one. I really like the sturdy shape of it. Plus, it comes in the perfect mid-size with a small price to top it of! Find it here.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

At ease

 From time to time a like to wear an outfit thats easy going and nonchalant. This is one of them and you can't believe how comfy it is. It's like i'm walking around in my jogging :) I have alot of tight clothing like skinny jeans, so it was nice to play with volumes for once. It's something i definitely want to experiment more with. I wore this outfit during the weekend when i didn't feel like doing much, so to be able to adapt your outfit to your mood is one of the mean reasons i love fashion!

- Jumper & shirt: Zara
- Trousers: H&M
- Sneakers: Converse

Monday, January 6, 2014

Beauty talk with...

Today i want to introduce you to a blogserie on thefashionloonatic. I'm currently exploring some new beautyrelated items. I always find it interesting to hear what other people use on a daily base, what kind of rituals they have, what kind of products they love, etc. So i descided to ask bloggers about there beauty behaviour. So here i present to you numero uno from the serie 'beauty talk with...' :)

Morning routine

I start my day with a toner, Tea Tree Water from Lush, followed by Hope in a Jar from Philosophy. My skin type is quite normal but I feel like I can use something extra for my pores, just to make them more matte. That something is The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Pore Minimiser, in fact a serum but I think it also makes a good primer to prep my make-up. The Body Shop’s lip balm in Honey also became an essential. I use this product every morning. Soft lips guaranteed.

I’m a beauty blogger so I use a lot of different make-up products. For me, these are the basics that I wear on an everyday base. I always use foundation and concealer to even out my skin tone, followed by some bronzer and blush for a pop of colour. For me, a healthy glow is very important so I use a cream highlighter on my cheek bones. Holy grail is Hush from MAC. Always use a powder to fix your make up. It’s doesn’t have to be an expensive one, Essence also does the trick! Very well in fact.

That’s it for my skin, over to the eyes! I always use MAC’s paint pots as a base for my eye shadow. I like to work with natural colours such as Urban Decay’s Naked 2 but also some MAC or Sleek shades, just something natural. I prefer to combine matte and shimmery shadows on my eyelids and crease. Then, once again, highlighter! Use it on the inner corners of your eyes and under your brow bones and you will look instantly fresh and awake. I always fill in my brows; this really shapes your whole face so a good brow is very important. Two coats of my favourite mascara (L’Oréal False Lash Wings), a bit of colour on the lips and I’m ready to go!

Products I use during the day

I can’t survive without hand cream and lipgloss. My all-time favourite hand cream is The Body Shop’s Almond Hand and Nail Cream. It makes my hands really soft and hydrated. I love how it isn’t sticky or greasy but that this cream does leave your hands with a sort of silky layer on it. As for my lips I’m currently loving the Dior Lip Maximizer Collagen Activ in the colour Apricot. It’s a very sheer product so it adds just the right amount of gloss. It’s a plumper and I do notice a difference, this gloss really gives my lips a bit more volume and some je-ne-sais-quoi. Oh and I love the minty smell!

Evening routine

I like to take my make-up off with a regular drugstore eye make-up remover and a milky product like the Yves Rocher one, but I must say that I switch these a lot. My toner, however, is definitely a favourite: Eau Précieuse. I finish with Hope in a Jar Night, which I truly love. Every night I treat my cuticles and nails with Lemony Flutter. This rich butter from Lush keeps them in their best shape. I also try to make my hair healthier with a little bit of argan oil after I washed it. I colour my hair a lot and this oil, which I bought in Marrakech, makes my hair stronger and shinier.

Favourite product of the moment

My lifesaver is Mask of Magnaminty. A great natural mask that I use every other week in addition to my other Lush masks. This one is a special one though, not only because you can restore it for 4 months, but also because it actually keeps all the breakouts away. It helped me cure my bad skin-period a few months ago and now I use it to keep my skin clean and breakout-free. #loveit

Beauty tip

Once you discovered the products that work best for your skin, stick to it. I know that it’s tempting to buy that new ‘innovating’ cream. But really, why try another facial cream if you got one that works perfectly for your skin? I discovered this when I started to use Hope in a Jar. I tried A LOT of different lines but this one is just the right one for me and I honestly believe that I’m going to use this until my skin needs something else.

Also don’t forget that good skin care is an investment, you shouldn’t save on that! Rather save on mascara or something. I always used high-end mascaras and I recently discovered that my L’Oréal one is as good as my Chanel one.

- Nathalie, beautyblogger at Pretty Young Things

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Watch out

I'm super picky when it comes to watches. I don't have a watch at the moment, but i'm keeping my eyes open for the perfect one. When i was looking on the interwebz for some nice candidates, i descided to make a post about it. You can't believe how long it took to select six watches i liked :p It's hard to choose a favourite but i think the Michael Kors watch may be around my arm in the near future!

1. Chanel chain watch - Oh how i love this one! I fell in love with this one when it was lying in the window of a shop. I immediately stopped walking and drooled the whole window under!

2. Zara silver watch - This watch from Zara has a great minimalistic design for a minimalistic price.

3. Larsson and Jennings military print watch - Larsson and Jennings is my favourite brand for watches. You definitely have to check out their site, i adore the all black one too!

4. Daniel Wellington classic glasgow watch - A watch with a preppy vibe. 

5. Michael Kors gold watch - One of my favourites! I love how chunky it is. Definitely a golden eyecatcher!

6. Nixon small kensington watch - A simple silver watch. I like the manly touch on it.