Saturday, May 28, 2016

New in: accesories

I already mentioned that i wanted to invest in some more accesories, because they can really bring kind of a deeper dimension to an outfit. So here's the first haul :) I didn't bring any silverwear because i think that gold suits my skintone better. What do you think about the scarftrend? I really love it, they really are very versatile if you think about it :)

Have a lovely weekend! xx A.

scarf: Zara / sunglasses and jewelry: H&M

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Webshop favourites

Oh i want it all! How gorgeous are those pink details on the Gucci bag? Their entire collection could be my favourites, crazy stuff.

Ysl rouge volupté shine

The Saint Laurent lipsticks must be the ones with the most luxurious feel i think. The packaging is just so nice and feels heavy in the hand, i just love them! These ones are from the rouge volupté shine range, which is what you get if a lipstick and a lipgloss would have a baby, the lipsticks are glossy but with the perfect amount of color. 

These are the numbers 46, 49 and 41 (from left to right)

Here you get a good feel of the consistency: glossy, soft, sheer but with a good color payoff. This is 41 on the left, 46 in the middle and 49 on the right.

Here i'm wearing the lightest one, number 41. This is my favourite one of the three, just the perfect spring color! :)

This is number 49, it's a bit of a bolder version of number 41 and it has more of a fushia tone to it.

41 - 49 - 46

This is the most colorful one, number 46. I must say i've never wore orange lipsticks before, but i really like it!

All three colors are very wearable and they feel so nice on, very creamy and soft. Can't wait to wear them alot more this spring and summer :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Hey guys! This is what i was wearing last weekend. Me and my boyfriend went to Antwerp to stroll around and shop a bit, so i opted for this easy casual look :) The scarf and sunnies are new and i think they make the outfit so complete! I really need to invest in more accesories, they can change an outfit so much.

Now i'm off to the hairdresser, my hair is getting just too long like you can see in the pictures. I also want it a bit blonder for the summer, i'll show you the result later! xx

bomberjacket: Mango / pants, shirt, shoes and scarf: Zara / sunglasses & rings: H&M / bag: Saint Laurent

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Insta recap

1. Spotted this one in Antwerp 2. A latte with oreo topping, soooo good! 3. Spring vibes :) 4. Trying platform shoes for the first time, these ones are from Zara

Fitting session in town, i really liked this vest!

1. And another retro car i spotted in Antwerp :p 2. New coin purse from Mango, this one has cute tiny lipsticks on it 3. Making my feet spring proof with these floral Vans 4. Love this filter on snapchat, but the floral one still remains my favourite :) My username over there is annelies_hellem

Keeping it casual on a saturday :)

instagram: annelies_hellem

Monday, May 23, 2016

Hello, it's me

A big kiss for all of your patience lately! I know i was a bit absent lately... My thesis is FINALLY finished so that means that i have alot more time on my hands now :) So happy, i really craved to blog during my thesis but that wouldn't have been such a great idea because my time was very limited, i only slept around 4 hours a day for a week so i was really dead when i finished it.

Anyways, i'm back here on a regular basis and i even want to try to put up one blogpost a day :) We'll see how that goes! xx A.

blazer: Zara / lipstick: MAC Ruby Woo

Monday, May 16, 2016

Budget tip

I love alot of pink things, but this is just amazing. I found it whilst scrolling through Zara and i immediately fell in love with the clashing combo of the leather and the sweet color. 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Breakfast lately

Hey guys, just a quick post to check in and say hi! I wanted to show you my go-to breakfast from the last few weeks :) Some granola to have some change from my regular oatmeal and some good ol' Alpro soy milk. Oh, and i'm almost finallyyy done with my thesis, so i'll be back soon with some more regular blogging. There's also a huge change coming up for the bloggie, i'll keep you posted! xx, A.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Thursday chillings

Hey guys! Tea and some comfy clothes, that's all i need sometimes. Oh i couldn't live without tea i think. My green tea in the morning and camomile tea in the evening are my daily ritual. But i recently discoverd this raspberry tea, it's super sweet! It really helps when i have a sugar craving. Ok enough tea talk, i hope i don't sound like an old lady haha! 

I just finished a day with alot of thesiswork, so i have nothing else to report unfortunately. Two weeks to go and it will all be over! It's so hard these days because the weather is finally sososo good over here! Let's hope it stays like this when i've handed in my thesis :) xx A.

pants: H&M / top: Terre Bleue