Friday, November 21, 2014

Blazer & sneakers

Aloha! It's almost weekend again, time flies! I'm really busy at the moment. Mostly working at schoolstuff, we have to brace ourselves, exams are coming! :) So i'm thankfull to be able to get a breather in the weekend. What are you guys planning to do? I'm going to a concert of Armin van Buuren at Antwerp! Trance isn't usually my go to music, but i'm going with a group of friends so i'm pretty sure i'll have a blast! I also really need to go to the hairdresser, i realised it's too long again by watching these pictures. I'm thinking to add some layers to my hair for a change, but i'm not sure yet. Anyways, i hope you have a great weekend! xx, Annelies

blazer: JuliaJune / shirt: Zara / pants and bag: H&M / shoes: Givenchy

Get this look for $89+ on Lookastic: Grey Blazer, Black Leather Skinny Pants, Black Low Top Sneakers, and White Shirtdress

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