Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June favourites

Let me introduce to you a new category on the blog! At each end of the month i will select some of my favourite items (both fashion and non-fashion related) from that month and share them with you. Hope you like it! :)

I basically lived in this outfit past month! It was my go-to comfy study outfit. The pants are from Zara, shirt from H&M and shoes Adidas.

How cute is this iphone case? I looove it! It's from a website called Aliexpress, they have a miliontrillion phone cases! This one is perfect to put in my clear plastic bag :)

Ahh my beloved Laurent... It's not my monthly favourite, but easily my yearly favourite. It was alot of money but i didn't regret it for a second. I'm sure this baby will be with me for a lifetime! I must say the leather easily scrathes (they also told me that in the store), but it can only give the bag more character :) I'll put the full outfit i wore in this picture on the blog soon!

Last but not least, this pretty macarons i bought at Pierre Marcolini whilst i was at Antwerp. I've heard alot of good stuff about them and i can confirm it isn't just a hype, they are sooo good! I even dare to say they are better then the Laduree ones, oops :) My favourite one from the box is the second on the left, this one had the taste of rosewater, really special and delicous!

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