Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cotton candy and cupcakes

You cannot have missed it: pink isn't just for cupcakes anymore. The colour has found its way in the closet of many fashionista's and brings some fresh air into the classic palette of navy, black and grey. Pink can give a look a girly and glamorous feel, but it can also give it a darker edge when it's combined with black. The new way to wear pink comes in a whole other level then the simple sweetness of cotton candy and cupcakes. And above all: real woman wear pink, isn't it? 

Source: glamour uk, l'officiel paris, marie claire uk, grazia france, vogue germany


  1. I totally agree. I was quite excited when designers began introducing pastel pink in their fall collections. I blogged about how much pink can elevate an outfit. I enjoyed your post :).


  2. Pink colour is great. Great blog. Wish to check out my blog and maybe follow each other?

  3. I'm so happy this color has made it back to the fashion forefront! It's so refreshing to see pale pinks and blues mixed in with the darker, fall colors! Thanks for sharing!!! xx

    Have a lovely day,