Sunday, November 24, 2013

Oversized & comfort

I can say i have fashionmoods. A dress mood, a heels mood, an all black outfit mood,... but now im in a comfy mood. A pair of sporty sneakers, an oversized coat and a superduper thick scarf are my keypieces to fulfill this mood. I recently purchased this coat from Massimo Dutti. I think it has the perfect camel colour and it can be worn at any age. I can imagine me as an old wrinkly lady and still wearing this coat :) Happy sunday!

- Coat: Massimo Dutti
- Pull: Mango
- Trousers: Zara
- Shoes: Zara
- Scarf: Tommy Hilfiger
- Bag: Essentiel

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  1. love your blog! just bookmarked it!

    would love you to give me some advice on my blog!