Friday, January 24, 2014


 Time for a simple outfit! That kind of outfit you throw on when you dont have enough time/ dont want to think to much about combinations. No-brain outfits. Thats what i like to call them :) In this case the timeless combination of jeans and black. Good for every occasion. I added a scarft for not making it to plain. This scarf was a christmas present from my dad. I immediately asked if mom had helped with his choice, but apperantly he did it all by himself. I was pleasantly surprised! :) Happy weekend guys! 

- Pants & sweater: H&M
- Bag & shoes: Zara
- Coat: Massimo Dutti


  1. Hi my beautiful !
    Very nice outfit :)
    Kisses <3

  2. You look so beautiful - the coat is fantastic...

    Great outfit...

    Have a wonderful weekend

    XO Vanessa

  3. Love the jacket!