Monday, March 24, 2014

Shoppingtrip to Paris

First things first: des croissants! After a two hour drive we need to recharge and prepare for some serious shopping :)

Our first stop is the giant Louis Vuitton store at Champs-Elyséés.

 Walking through the beautiful streets, love this giant ad for Dior.

Big smile! Something from my wishlist can be checked off, i will make a post about it later!

Very cool outfits at Colette.

I loved this store, it sells Marc by Marc Jacobs accessoiries, nice books and stationery. It's at Place du Marché Saint-Honoré 17.

Ahh, can i get an appartment here pleaaase?

Small break with chocolate cake!

One of the romantic spots in Paris: Ponts des Arts! 

 Lovely view over the Seine, the weather was so goood!

One of the highlights of the trip was this cuter than cute place in a street behind the Notre Dame. The cupcakes were heavenly!

Thank god for metro's, my feet were so dead after all the strolling.

Kenzo by night while walking to the restaurant.

We ate at Budhha Bar. Best. Restaurant. Ever. Really! It was so cozy over there: the lightning, music, food, atmosphere, it was all perfect. I absolutely recommend this place!

I ordered some sushi. Do you see the little green dot at the top left of the plate? Thats wasabi, it tastes a bit like mustard but a million times more piquant! Whoa, just a little tiny bit is enough to make your eyes all teary from spiciness. But the sushi, ooh the sushi, it was the best i ever had! Perfect end for a very lovely day in Paris!

x Annelies

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