Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My first designer shoes

Behold. My first designer shoes! It's not a girly Louboutin pump but some badass Givenchy sneakers. These babies listen to the name 'confetti sneakers'. I really love fashion with a fun twist and these sneakers absolutely fit into that 'fun fashion' category! I bought them while i was in Paris. Quite a historical moment in my fashion life :) When i heard the *peep* of the payment system i could only think 'it's official, it's official, they are mine now and i can't go backkk!'. And right after you have paid, another salesman stands there with a smile to hand you your brandnew shoes over in a shiny white bag. I couldn't stop smiling when i stepped through the door (that they hold open for you, it's all the little things that do the trick!) back to the Parisian streets. Anyway, i can't wait to show them to you in an outfit! Now, let there be confetti, because life is a party!


  1. Wauw vind ze erg mooi, zou alleen niet goed weten hoe ze te combineren! Ben benieuwd naar outfits met deze beauties !x

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