Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas gift guide

The deadline to choose your Christmasgifts is slowly coming closer! For those who can't see the wood for trees, i have collected some items that can come in good use during the wintermonths.

1. Pink beanie - To keep your head warm in the colour of the moment.
2. Crème de rose lipbalm - Number one essential during winter, this lipbalm smells like roses and comes in the cutest packaging.
3. Glitter nailpolish - On Christmas and Newyearseve i always wear glittery nailpolish, so this coudn't miss the list!
4. Red lipstick - Every girl needs a red lipstick. This one from Saint Laurent comes in a nice shade.
5. Silver slip ons - These amazing slip ons are a great stylish way to conquer slippery roads
6. Catmug - This thing combines two obsessions of mine: cats and mugs, i just love it!
7. Notebook - I think you can't have enough notebooks, a fresh unused one is always great for the beginning of a new year.
8. Gloves - These cute heart printed gloves from Burberry are perfect to keep your hands warm.
9. Watch - You can't go wrong with this one. This watch from Michael Kors is a classic and has a place on top of my wishlist as well.
10. Candle - Candles bring so much cozyness into your home, this one from Diptyque smells like roses and blackcurrent leaves.
11. Moisturising cream - It's important to keep your skin moisturised, especially when it's cold. This cream from Nuxe will fix that job like no other.
12. Scarf - This wooly scarf from Zara can be worn with alot of outfits.

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